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This committed businesswoman knows
what matters most in life, personally and professionally. Diane Johnson takes it all to heart.

Diane Johnson recognized at an early age that she had a special gift for relating to animals. They seemed to trust her immediately, and thrived in her nurturing pres- ence. As a child growing up in Colorado, she developed a love for showing horses and competed on a Junior Olympics team, traveling throughout the U.S. and to Hong Kong. Following high school, with hopes of becoming a veterinarian, she studied to become an animal health technician.

A Caring Enterprise

Although other responsibilities precluded full-time veterinary studies, Diane moved to Elk Grove, California, and joined the staff of Bradshaw Veterinary Clinic. Her work was exemplary. She married one of the veterinar- ians, Mike Johnson, and while raising four boys, helped him and another couple build that practice into one of Northern
California’s largest animal clinics. Her consistently caring touch was and still is a key to the robust health of this enterprise, which employs more than 20 veterinarians and 80 staff assistants.

Family and Community

In the personal realm, there’s no place where Diane’s nurturing character is more apparent than at home. She and Mike take enormous pride in sons Calvin, Radford, Howard and Sherman. As a family, they share a passion for baseball, with the boys having played on numerous teams.Diane and Mike are committed community volunteers, as well as devoted parents, supporting the local 4-H and FFA groups, Little League, high school baseball programs and the Boy Scouts of America.

The Defining Quality

Diane’s professional focus mirrors her personal life. There’s no ques- tion that she takes her important responsibilities as a Realtor® to heart. More than anything else, her deeply caring nature defines who she is for everyone she serves. “My clients’ best interests really matter to me,” Diane says. “My job is to invest all the energy and resources I have in their home sale or purchase.” Throughout the process, Diane maintains an un-swerving commitment to clear and candid communication. Overall, her caring approach maximizes confidence and minimizes stress.

Heartfelt Commitment

After learning in detail about each client’s needs and expectations, Diane works conscientiously to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Sellers trust her to devise sophisticated marketing strategies that will spotlight their property and bring their transac- tion to a timely and successful conclusion. Buyers count on Diane’s intense determination to find homes that fully meet their needs, as well as her sharp eye for value and potential. And all her clients benefit significantly from Diane’s heartfelt commitment to their real estate goals. If you’re serious about selling or buying a home, country residence, investment property or land in Elk Grove, Wilton or the surrounding communities, connect with a Realtor® who’ll take your transaction personally. No agent will be more committed to honoring your best interests than Diane Johnson, who’s revered for A Caring Approach. So call her today to arrange a complimentary consultation.

“When something is really important to you, when you really care about it, investing your best efforts comes naturally. That brings confidence to my clients and gives me great satisfaction.”
                                 —Diane Johnson
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